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Our experienced team of industry specialists offers a full range of heavy haulage-related services across the UK, including transport consultancy, route surveys, permit applications, private escorting and storage.

Consultancy Service

With Potteries' comprehensive consultancy service, we recommend the best vehicle for your specific haulage needs, and conduct comprehensive research on every aspect of your journey, including bespoke site studies, feasibility studies and personalised CAD drawings.

Private Escorting

Potteries are experts in the demands of the haulage industry - our private escorting service is on-hand for transporting haulage which exceeds industry-standard dimensions and weights, helping your load get to its final destination safely and securely.

Permit Applications

Our years of experience in the heavy and abnormal haulage industry has made us experts in the field - we are perfectly placed to advise each client on any permits, paperwork and authorisations you may need prior to travel, and can even apply for these on your behalf.

Handling & Storage

Sometimes you may require the secure handling and storage of your cargo prior to transportation, which is why Potteries' headquarters has the facility to handle heavy equipment and store it safely and securely until it is ready to be transported to its final destination.

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